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Other Projects


Prof. Heinrich Netz holds a lecture at the University of Da Nang on 10 October 2019.


A collaborative project between the “Heart for Heart – Foundation for Life!” and the University of Da Nang was initiated in 2019. The project is titled: “Motivation and Medicine”.


Prof. Erich Lejeune is primarily responsible for giving talks on this subject, supported by Prof. Trong-Phi Lê.

Screening programme

A screening programme was initiated a couple of years ago at the General Hospital of Da Nang. Using the portable ultrasound device donated by the “Heart for Heart – Foundation for Life!”, cardiologists and nurses from the General Hospital journey into the Highlands and neighbouring provinces – usually on weekends – to perform screening examinations on disadvantaged children who otherwise have no chance of seeing a doctor.
During the first six months of 2019, a total of 12 screening trips were made. A total of 32,325 children were examined, 143 of whom were found to have congenital heart defects. Depending on the urgency of their condition, these 143 children were gradually brought to our “Heart for Heart unit” at the Da Nang Heart Centre (General Hospital) for treatment.


Talk by Prof. Erich Lejeune at the University of Da Nang in October 2018.


Talk by Prof. Erich Lejeune at the University of Da Nang in April 2018.


Education and training for doctors and medical professionals in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City as well as in Munich (Großhadern Hospital and LMU).

Research project

Support for a research project at the German Heart Centre Munich, the aim of which is “Interventional ductal occlusion for premature babies in an incubator”.

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