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The Da Nang Project

Screening programme

Between 2010 (the year the screening programme started) and August 2018, 80,250 children were screened in the Highlands and various provinces; 1,719 were found to have congenital heart defects.


During the first half of 2019, 32,325 children were examined; 143 were found to have congenital heart defects. These 143 children were gradually brought to the Da Nang Heart Centre for treatment, depending on the urgency. Most of the patients could be treated with the aid of interventional techniques.


Progress report September 2006 – September 2018


Department for Heart Defects/Paediatric Cardiology



Department for Cardiac Surgery and Cardiac Catheterisation


New heart centre

The new Heart Centre in Da Nang was opened in 2018. The children’s heart unit is also housed in the Heart Centre.


Progress report September 2006 – September 2017

With the support of our kind and generous donors, the “Heart for Heart – Foundation for Life!” has installed two cardiac catheterisation labs, an intensive care unit with five beds, ultrasound machines and blood gas analysers at the General Hospital in Da Nang since November 2006. Without the help and support with self-help provided locally by doctors Prof. Heinrich Netz (Großhadern Hospital) and Prof. Trong-Phi Lê (Clinic for Structural and Congenital Heart Defects/Paediatric Cardiology of the Klinikum Links der Weser Bremen), it would never have been possible to offer a new lease of life to these disadvantaged younger and older cardiac patients in Da Nang and other provinces. A total of 4000 treatments and interventions have so far been completed, most of which have been managed independently by the young Vietnamese doctors at the General Hospital.


From 2010 until today, approx. 63,000 poor children across eight provinces/the Highlands have been examined with the aid of portable ultrasound machines, and over 1000 children found to have congenital heart defects have been treated at Da Nang General Hospital. The progress report of the General Hospital for November 2006 to December 2017 can be found here.




Progress report January – September 2017

Department for Congenital Heart Defects/Cardiac Surgery, Da Nang General Hospital




On 15 November 2015, a portable ultrasound machine of the latest generation was delivered to the “Heart for Heart Children’s Heart Unit”. The machine was a donation in kind from Philips. It was delivered to the unit by Dr Irène Lejeune and Evi Brandl.


On 30 March 2013, the Children’s Heart Unit was expanded to include a further cardiac catheterisation lab supplied by Philips Healthcare. Representatives from the Hospital, the Foundation, Philips Healthcare, and delegates from the Vietnamese government, along with former Minister Dr Wolfgang Heubish, accompanied by a delegation of Bavarian University presidents, were in attendance.


On 24 March 2011, a new portable blood gas analyser supplied by Radiometer was delivered to the “Heart for Heart Children’s Heart Unit”.


In April 2009, the Foundation organised an ultrasound training course provided by Prof. Heinrich Netz and Dr Robert Dalla Pozza for their Vietnamese colleagues.


On 10 December 2009, a new-generation blood gas analyser was delivered to the “Heart for Heart Children’s Heart Unit” in Da Nang, with Dr Irène Lejeune, Prof. Heinrich Netz, and Dr Robert Dalla Pozza in attendance.


A symposium sponsored by the Foundation was held at Da Nang General Hospital, Vietnam, in June 2008.


The treatment of Ngoz Anh, Phuong and Troung at Großhadern Hospital, facilitated by the Foundation, prompted the decision to establish a children’s heart unit in Vietnam. The Children’s Heart Unit at Da Nang General Hospital was officially opened on 24 November 2006.

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