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Welcome to “Heart for Heart – Foundation for Life!”

The Foundation supports:

  • the Foundation facilitates cardiac operations, heart surgery and diagnostic procedures in patients, especially children, from poor regions of the world.

  • the education and training of doctors and medical staff worldwide.

  • the development of modern procedures for treating cardiovascular diseases.

  • scientific projects and events.

  • spreading awareness of the significance of cardiovascular diseases and their treatments.




The Vietnam Project
“Help with Self-Help” is one of the foundation’s goals; hence, a children’s heart unit was opened on 24 November 2016 at the General Hospital of Da Nang, Vietnam.
Led by Prof. Heinrich Netz and Prof. Trong-Phi Lê, the team has already saved the lives of more than 4,000 younger and older patients from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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The South Africa Project
Headed by Prof. Heinrich Netz and Prof. Hermann Reichspurner, and with the support of the Walter Sisulu Foundation, 22 disadvantaged children with heart disease from African nations have undergone successful open-heart surgery in Johannesburg.

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“Heart for Heart – Foundation for Life!”
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